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Nostraverse app to launch in the Oculus Store in mid-2022

David Thompson, Tech Times 23 May 2022 Nostraverse, a Metaverse project founded in 2021, will be launching its app in the Oculus Store later this year. Specifically, the Nostraverse app will become available in June 2022, and it will serve several real-world functions, for businesses and consumers alike. "The goal is to harness the resources, seize the opportunities, and change people around the world through the power of VR. As our tagline says, 'Be the best version of yourself at Nostraverse,'" Sam Clever, CEO and Founder of Nostraverse, said in an interview with TechTimes. He emphasised that the Metaverse will "change and transform the entire world, open up unlimited and even yet unknown possibilities for humanity." What are Nostraverse's use cases? Nostraverse uses the power of Virtual Reality (VR) to create a Metaverse that has real-world applications. These will include allowing users to escape to a virtual place "where they can be what they want to be", travel to remote, unaffordable countries and places, and explore different cultures at the touch of a button. This Metaverse project will also allow users - including home owners, potential tenants and interior designers - to see how a property will look with different furniture. This will make it much easier to make sure furniture fits inside a room, while also promoting better interior design and helping designers find matching furniture. It will also promote better access to education across the globe, as students will be able to use Nostraverse to access lectures and other classes that are taking place thousands of kilometers away. Another use of Nostraverse is allowing companies to interact with customers in a completely new way. For instance, by tapping into the power of Nostraverse, businesses will be able to meet with their customers around the world in person in the Metaverse, without even having to leave their office. "This will also save enormous emissions, because instead of having to travel from America to Europe, for example, you can simply put on a pair of VR glasses and meet with customers, partners and colleagues all over the world within seconds," Mr Clever noted. These are just some of the potential uses of Nostraverse; the possibilities are truly limitless, and will continuously be explored and tapped in to as the Metaverse develops and becomes ever more integrated with our world. Initial Launch The Nostraverse app will launch in the Oculus Store in July 2022, and users will be able to access the Nostraverse via a Meta Quest 2 VR headset. Initially, the app will allow users to better design their home by experimenting with different furniture and layouts, all while in the Metaverse. Specifically, users will be able to upload a floor plan, walk through it in the Nostraverse and furnish it with furniture, create and move walls, invite friends or colleagues to work as a team, take videos and pictures, and share their results with the world. Additionally, great feature of the app is its shopping tool, which allowes users to buy the furniture with which they furnish their floor plan directly in the Nostraverse app. Other use cases, such as those outlined earlier in this article and many others, will be released on a rolling basis. "Placing furnitures and support people to explore their floor plan is just the beginning," Mr Clever emphasised, reiterating the exciting, countless benefits and scope for real-life uses of Nostraverse. Registration is already open to Beta-Testers, who can now join at ⓒ 2022 All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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